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LCS Landscapes & Grounds provides a wide variety of sports turf maintenance services. We cover the full range of natural turf sports surfaces, including tennis courts, golf areas, cricket pitches, and bowling greens. As sports turf specialists, we’re able to help with everything from initial design ideas through to regular contract maintenance visits. Our team have extensive experience in the field, plus all the skills needed to help you both create high quality playing surfaces and keep them looking immaculate. Call us, in Macclesfield, Cheshire, to discover more about our maintenance and sports turf drainage work.

Sports Turf Services

Services We Offer Include:

  • Verti Drain/Aeration

  • Drainage Installations

  • Harrowing

  • Spiking & Slitting

  • Seeding & Overseeding

  • Surface Removal

  • Laser Levelling

  • Top Dressing Applications

  • Mowing

  • Fraise Mowing

  • Scarifying

  • Chemical/Fertiliser Application


Turf Care

Fertiliser Treatments/ Moss Control

  • Correct nutritional input is important to keep your turf in a healthy condition and help it recover from play.
  • Moss that thrives in wet/moist conditions can need treating if it starts taking over.

Autumn Renovation Programme


  • Removing and managing thatch that's accumulated during the growing season.
  • Thatch is the dead layer of material that accumulates at the base of the turf.
  • If left unchecked it can build up and not only effect the health of the turf but lessen the quality of play.
  • Ideal time for scarifying is early spring or autumn.
  • After an intense playing season your turf is likely to need some renovation work.
Turf Aeration


Top Dressing

  • Regular top dressings help promote a good playing surface and address health issues.
  • By opening the playing surface up by spiking or slitting we are promoting air exchange, Co2 leaves the rootzone and is replaced by O2.
  • The operation is important as the roots of the plant don't grow in the soil but in the air pores that surround the soil.
  • A good root system is key to a good playing surface.
  • Aeration has the added benefit of helping with surface drainage.


  • Ideally helps to keep the turf nice and thick.
  • The introduction of the latest cultivars have other benefits also, they can hold there colour better are less susceptible to drought and can be disease resistant.
Autumn Renovation Programme

Holo Tyne

  • The operation refers to soil exchange.
  • The coring removes a plug of soil/turf from the ground and is then replaced by top dressing.


  • If your surface is poor to drain, we can analyse and make recommendations.

Call us, in Macclesfield, Cheshire, to enquire further about our sports turf maintenance and drainage solutions.

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