Installers of Excellent Drainage Systems in Cheshire

Our land drainage systems end the headache of waterlogged and unusable ground. With a thick layer of boulder clay lying across much of Cheshire, poor soil drainage is a common problem in the region. When soil doesn't drain, neither grass nor plants can thrive. Don't live in the mud, call LCS Landscapes & Grounds, based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, we can help. We are happy to make an onsite visit to analyse and offer possible solutions.

preparation work for a full drainage system to be installed

Types of Drainage Systems

There are a number of ways drainage can be improved. Simple aeration can help move the surface water through the soil profile a little quicker. If the requirement is greater, then a pipe system can be installed. After assessing the ground conditions recommendations can be made for the intensity required. The operation that follows involves trenching with correct fall (gradient) allowing the captured water to run in the correct direction. We achieve this by using a laser level with a gradient programmed in, i.e 100:1. Perforated pipe is then installed with an aggregate positioned on top. A free draining rootzone is then put on top of the aggregate. The rootzone is then seeded or turfed. Where we struggle to find anywhere to drain to a manhole can be installed with a pump. Water is then pumped off site.

Whether you're responsible for a sodden sports pitch that's unplayable for half the season, have a larger garden that's more swamp than lawn, or simply have an area of soggy ground you'd like to make better use of, we'll find the solution that will work best for you.

Drainage Services

Garden being dug up to make way for a drainage system unden

Specialist Assessments

  • On Site Survey to View the Issues and Offer Remedies.

Drainage System Design

  • Bespoke Drainage Systems, Taking into Account Factors, including:
    - Soil Type
    - Topography
    - Available Outfalls

Drainage Pipe Installation

  • Perforated Pipes Laid Using Specialist Machinery
  • Guided by Laser Level Controls to Set the Slope
  • This Ensures That Water Drains away as Planned 
  • Keeps Water from Sitting in the Pipework
land being levelled with laser accuracy

Following Pipe Installation

  • An aggregate is placed above the pipe, on top of the aggregate a free draining rootzone is placed
  • A rootzone is a blend of sand and peat that allows water to drain through into the aggregate then into the pipe
  • The rootzone is then seeded into or turfed


  • This involves pop-in visits to ensure the project is going in the correct direction.
  • Occasionally we have some animal activity in the rootzone, i.e. scraping/scratching that requires re-levelling and re-seeding

Contact us, in Macclesfield, Cheshire, to speak to our team about our drainage systems and re-turfing services.

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